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Vedic Building
Vastu – Vasati

Vasati is derived from age old Indian (Vedic) scripts which belong to the oldest of mankind. In the Americas and Europe Vedic sciences are more widely known in the form of Ayurveda (sanskr.: science of life), the holistic medical system still practised.

Lesser known is the art of Vedic building = Vastu or Vaastu/Vasati which is at the root of Chinese Feng Shui.

Planning and building conforming to Vasati means:

Taking all properties of the plot, energy aspects and rules of forms and proportions into account. The antique Roman author Vitruv thought in this tradition as well as Palladio and – later on – German allround artist K.F.Schinkel who left his footprint all over Berlin and Potsdam.

Since the architectural approach is a holistic one, Vasati enables a higher acceptance level among users of an object. Greater satisfaction means less fluctuation among tenants and probably higher yield.